2010 Storm Chasing Highlights Video


  2010 goes down as the most insane and successful storm chasing year that I have had to date.  This video details only a small fraction of the tornado, hail, wind, and extreme weather highlights from some of the more prolific severe weather days in 2010, including April 29th, May 18th, May 19th, May 22nd, May 23rd, May 25th, May 26th, June 1st, June 17th, and July 14th.  I began the year by seeing the Washington, KS tornado on April 29th, but the real show came later in May when I was a guide for Silver Lining Tours, a storm chasing tour company.  During the 10 days of that trip, we had seen 18 tornadoes...definitely the most amazing stretch of tornado days in my life.  The most incredible tornado of the year occurred on May 22nd with the Bowdle Wedge tornado, while the chase day of the year occurred on June 17th with the Minnesota Tornado Outbreak.  What an incredible year it was and I am very fortunate to have been able to experience it all.  Now on to the 2011 Chase Season!